Cakes and Cupcakes  


Luxury £3.00

In batches of 12 of any one type

Regular £2.50

In batches of 12 of any one type
Fairy £2.00
In batches of 12 of any one type
Mini £1.20*
In batches of 24 of any one type

Regular / Fairy / Mini *

Chocolate *

Vanilla *



Cappuccino *

Salted caramel *



Chocolate with chocolate sauce core

Coffee with coffee curd core

Victoria sponge with strawberry jam core

Lemon with lemon curd core

Vanilla with passion fruit curd core

Salted caramel with caramel core

Gin & Tonic

Regular - base: 5cm; top: 7cm 

Fairy - base: 4.5cm; top: 6cm 

Mini - base: 3cm; top: 5cm 

Traybake cakes

£2.00 per slice
Banana bread (contains rum)
Blueberry and lemon ricotta cake (GF)
Chocolate brownies
Florentine slices

Lemon drizzle

Lime drizzle

Pear and almond cake

Raspberry and white chocolate

Rocky Road

Sweet potato and cranberry


In batches of 16 of any one type


Cherry and almond


Coffee and walnut

Lemon curd layer cake

Rich fruit

Victoria sandwich

Traditional cakes

(8-10 people)

Celebration cupcake stands

Please note that all photographs are representative.  All our cupcakes are handmade, and therefore decorations and finish will vary.

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