Build-a-Buffet menu


Our build-a-buffet menu is designed to be flexible so that you can choose the perfect combination to suit your requirements.  Whether you are looking for buffet food for a special occasion or for an informal meeting at work, we can provide a delicious, fresh, homemade selection.  Our menu is perfect for many occasions: 


        Office lunches - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Christenings - In Memoriam




Selection 1

(choose 2 from 'everyday' and 2 from 'gourmet')

£3.50 per round


Selection 2

(choose 2 from 'everyday', 2 from 'gourmet' and one 'deluxe')

£4.50 per round

EVERYDAY sandwich fillings (Wholemeal or white bread)

Choose any TWO


Egg mayonnaise and cress (V)

Ham and mustard

Ham salad with mayonnaise

Tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn

Vintage cheddar cheese and chutney (V)


GOURMET sandwich fillings (Wholemeal or white bread) Choose any TWO


Brie and cranberry sauce (V)

Chicken salad with mayonnaise

Ham, vintage cheddar and onion marmalade

Homemade hummus, carrot and roasted peppers (V)

Roasted vegetables (V)

Smoked salmon and cream cheese


DELUXE sandwich fillings (Granary, wholemeal or white bread)

Choose ONE - for selection 2 only


Beef, horseradish and rocket

Chicken, avocado and basil mayonnaise and leaves

Coronation chicken with coriander

Crayfish with horseradish cream and rocket

Goats cheese with sweet olive, fig and almond relish (V)

Mozzarella, pesto, sun-dried tomato and basil (V)

Parma ham, rocket and parmesan

Prawn cocktail with leaves

Savoury muffins

£2.50 each

Bacon, onion, garlic and cheese

* Broccoli and blue cheese (V)

Carrot, spinach and cumin (V)

Courgette and pine nuts (V)

Courgette, parmesan and sun-dried tomato (V)

Feta, ham, sun-dried tomato and olive

Goats cheese, red onion and rosemary (V)

* Gruyere, onion and sage (V)

Red onion, cheddar and bacon


All available in batches of 12 of any one type, except * x 8

Quiche bites (4cm square) 

£1.00 each

Butternut, membrillo (quince) and stilton

Red pepper, feta and spinach (V)

Sticky onion and cheddar (V)

Traditional Quiche Lorraine

Yorkshire blue cheese and leek tart (V)

All available in batches of 30 of any one type


2 honey-glazed cocktail sausages – 50p

2 Pigs in blankets (bacon around sausage) - 70p

2 Devils on horseback (bacon around a prune) - 60p

All available in batches of 18 of any one type

Homemade sausage roll - 75p


Available in batches of 16

All 80p per portion


Baba Ghanoush (aubergine)

Blue cheese dip



All available in batches of 8 of any one type


Crudités (choose 4) - baby corn, carrot, cauliflower, celery, cherry tomatoes, courgette, cucumber, radishes, red pepper - 90p


Selection of crackers and breadsticks - 40p per portion

Dips and dippers



Luxury £3.00

In batches of 12 of any one type
Regular £2.50
In batches of 12 of any one type
Fairy £2.00
In batches of 12 of any one type
Mini £1.20*
In batches of 24 of any one type

Regular / Fairy / Mini *

Chocolate *

Vanilla *



Cappuccino *

Salted caramel *



Chocolate with chocolate sauce core

Coffee with coffee curd core

Victoria sponge with strawberry jam core

Lemon with lemon curd core

Vanilla with passion fruit curd core

Salted caramel with caramel core

Gin & Tonic

Traybake cakes
£2.00 per slice
Banana bread (contains rum)
Blueberry and lemon ricotta cake (GF)
Chocolate brownies
Florentine slices

Lemon drizzle

Lime drizzle

Pear and almond cake

Raspberry and white chocolate

Rocky Road

Sweet potato and cranberry

All available in batches of 16 of any one type

Traditional cakes

(for 8-10 people)




Cherry and almond


Coffee and walnut

Lemon curd layer cake

Rich fruit

Victoria sandwich

Seasonal fruit



Individual fresh fruit salad pot 


70p each


Oatmeal raisin cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Melting moments


All available in batches of 12 of any one type

Celebration cupcake stands

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